Mary-Ann's Polarrigg
It all started with a group of Moelven wooden barracks, originally built for the construction workers and miners.

When they came up for sale, Mary-Ann Dahle recognized the buildings' potential. With an indomitable drive she bought all of the buildings and gradually converted them into a place where visitors to Svalbard would be able to stay the night. An authentic and unique place, something different to the usual international hotel standard, which already exists on the island. She wanted to offer her guests a taste of the real Svalbard, of the lives of the miners and trappers who have left their mark on the island over previous generations. That was in 1999.

Since then, it has developed into a place to spend the night that has soul, a place that reflects the history and atmosphere of Svalbard. The wooden buildings may now look different, both inside and out - but even so they have not lost their authentic and unique Svalbard character.  Year after year, the polarrigg has grown under Mary-Ann Dahle's innovative and creative mind with more new rooms, new facilities and improved comfort. 

Today, Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg consists of a pleasant Svalbard courtyard surrounded by three buildings; the mining rig, the luxury rig and the transportation rig, which offer a total of 76 beds divided into 17 single, 19 double rooms, four family room and one suite. AuroraSpa and the restaurant Winter Garden.


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