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Activities og trips


Our friendly staff at Polarriggen are more than happy to help you find the right activities both in the winter and summer season. Reservations and booking of trips can be made directly from Polarriggen. As many of the activities are very popular we recommend that you book well in advance during the peak season.


Listed below are some of the different activities Svalbard has to offer. See also Svalbard tourism web page for further information.


Summer season
- Dog sledding on wheels
- Hiking
- Kayaking
- Boat trips
- Horse back riding
- Drive a snow mobile on the glaciers


Winter season

-          Ice caving trips

-          Dog sledding

-          Wilderness evening

-          Snow scooter safaris



Events and festivals

22.-23. august 2014 - Gruvebusens Høstfestival
23.-26. october 2014 - 
Dark Season Blues Spitsbergen
25. april 2015 – Svalbard Skimaraton 


Also, take a look at our =0))%20OR%20(Category.ID%3a605%20AND%20ToDate%3a(>=0))">local council's cultural calendar for more events. 


Foto: Anja Østerli
Foto: Anja Østerli
Foto: Anja Østerli
Foto: Anja Østerli

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