The Winter Garden and Peisen bar

The Winter Garden is an experience in itself. Opened in 2004 the restaurant takes you into a world where the Arctic meets the Orient, where the midnight sun floods through the glass roof in the summer and where the amazing northern lights mysteriously wave in the winter.


Through the glass walls and ceiling you can always admire the beautiful landscape surrounding the town.  Do not be surprised if you suddenly see a reindeer or arctic fox right outside the window, next to your table. Or if a covey of grouse flutters up from the ground during dinner from where you are sitting.


There is always a warm and pleasant atmosphere in Svalbard's most unique bar and restaurant. In the Winter Garden Restaurant the Orient meets the Arctic. Amongst the many exotic plants you can enjoy Arctic specialities and traditional dishes from the north of Norway. Whether you prefer to just enjoy a glass of wine or nightcap in the intimate bar, or lavish a very special experience on your taste buds - The Winter Garden is the place for an enjoyable time and the most demanding palates.


Our meny:
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Opening hours
The Winter Garden - from 1600 to 2200
Peisen bar - from 1200 to 0200
Fully licensed.


Postboks 17, 9171 Longyearbyen  |  Tel + 47 79 02 37 02  |  E-mail