Body products

Pevonia's body products help you to attain a more beautiful body and healthier, firmer skin.

The natural body care series contains nutrient-rich ingredients from the sea combined with pure, highly-effective essential oils. This provides all of the benefits of aromatherapy with both visible and sensual results. People know the advantages of using spa products and treatments to rejuvenate, relieve stress and replenish the skin.

Pevonia Spa Body Line is so wonderfully refreshing and natural that it gives you a spa experience every day.

Dry Oil Body Moisturizer
Perfect for revitalizing the skin’s moisture and elasticity. This gentle oil contains vitamins A,E and D, squalane , aloe and other natural oils. Leaves the skin silky soft without feeling greasy.

To be used after a shower or bath.

Body Moisturizer
Moisturizing and toning combination of camomile, horsetail and alpha hydroxyl acids which leaves the skin as soft and smooth as velvet. To be used after a shower or bath.

Body Scrub
Wonderful essential rose oil, camomile, and saponaria are blended together in this body scrub which gently removes dead cells and impurities and cleanses blocked pores. Use once or twice a week on dry skin.

Body-Svelt Gel (Cellulite)
A powerful gel containing glycosaminoglycans that works deep down in the epidermis to smooth out fatty accumulations. The skin feels firmer, and smoother to the touch. Glycosaminoglycans and caffeine is an unusually effective combination that gives results. Use every morning.

Body-Svelt Cream (Cellulite)
Use this cream every evening to stimulate the skin’s metabolism and break down fat. The skin will appear slightly red immediately after application, but afterwards the skin will become smoother, with a more even texture.

Niacin, guarana and other herbs produce a powerful synergy, which gives results.

Body Shampoo Anti-Stress

Aromatic and wonderfully relaxing. Use in the shower or bath when you need to balance and unwind. Contains hazelnut, chamomile and lavender essential oils.

Body Shampoo Contour
Aromatic and detoxifying effect. Hazelnut oil combined with sea plants has a smoothing affect on the skin's surface. Can be used in both the shower and bath.

Bath Salts Anti-Stress
Indulge yourself with a complete spa experience in your own bathroom. Wonderfully aromatic, micronized and nourishing bath salts rich in marine and mineral salts blended with essential oils of ylang-ylang and lavender. Turn off the light, use lots of candles, listen to some relaxing music and dream yourself away from all the stress and worry of everyday life. After all, don't you deserve the best?

Seaweed Exfoliating Soap
Forget the loofah, and give your body a stimulating treatment with this exfoliating soap which is a mixture of shea butter, seaweed, lemon and lime extract. Effective against cellulite, stimulates the circulation and has a general toning effect. Recommended for daily use in the shower or bath for firm, smooth, supple skin.

Micro-Emulsified Massage Oil Anti-stress
This is the latest technological development within massage oils. The milky white emulsion is very concentrated, and gives a wonderfully pleasant massage effect. Ingredients include plant oils and essential oils of geranium and mandarin. It improves the elasticity of the skin, relieves dryness and makes the skin soft and smooth. It helps to prevent flaky skin, whilst completely relieving tension both physically and mentally.

Aromatic Seaweed Bath
A vitamin and mineral enriched, nourishing bath concentrate containing three different types of seaweed and light pinewood oil. It is extremely energizing when your body is tired and needs a "lift". Use after Seaweed Exfoliating Soap for increased absorption of the active ingredients.



SPA FOOT LINE - for light soft feet

Multi-Active Foot Cream
A new experience for your feet. This exfoliating cream contains natural antibacterial ingredients. It leaves the feet feeling soft and smooth and fragranced with a feeling of freshness. Ingredients include salicytic acid, glycolic acid, shea butter and micronized vitamins.

Silky Foot Peel
Forget the pumice stone and hard skin removers. Say goodbye to rough and thick skin with a special foot peel that contains beta-carotene, peppermint and salicylic acid. Use after a footbath whenever you need it.

Tension Relief Foot Gel
Do you suffer from swollen, painful and heavy feet? Then this blue gel will give you immediate relief. Your feet will be refreshed, cool and comfortable. Contains essential oils from camphor, menthol and rosemary as well as soothing azulene.

Dry Foot Oil
This is a unique combination of oils and acids, which soften the feet and prevent calloused skin.

The plant oils, safflower and glycolic acid combined with lavender makes your feet feel soft, dry and silky.

Ask your spa therapist about other professional, problem-solving Pevonia foot treatments. A Pevonia Spa Pedicure is a wonderful experience, which improves the circulation - and provides deep, delicious relaxation for your ‘new’ feet.


Ask our therapist for some foot care advice while you are here!


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